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Monday, April 26, 2010

How to last longer in bed?

Millions of men suffer daily from premature ejaculation, with such a high level of men suffering with sexual dysfunction. According to an American survey, the average length of sex for Americans, as of the year 2005, is about 28 minute. You might be shocked, but for the guys, an average of 3 to 4 minutes is all it takes from vaginal penetration until ejaculation. Now, this data may really seem a little disappointing, especially for the women. Why lots of people relate to early ejaculation? What are the reasons behind early ejaculation? Some scientists discovered that it can be because of physical and metal stress that affects the sexual performance, sexual stamina of an individual person.
So, how can you be last longer in bed to that both you and your partner will be fully satisfied? Once of the most technique a lot of men would advise is the use of herbal supplement or herbal pills. There are many products in the market that will help you to perform well on bed. Delay and Ejacutrol are such kind of herbal pills which is used a bunch of people. It is a tested formula and many people reported about its effectiveness and to keep them last longer in bed. These pills are the best way to improve sexual performance in both men and women.